Hi Everyone.
Please find an update on the 1-5 Junior Interclub run the weekend of the 8th and 9th January 2022.

We had two teams participating. Ron Horne managed the team at Browns Bay and I managed the team at Sunnybrae.

The team at Sunnybrae was made up of
Singles Joy Finney,
Pairs   Flora Macdonald and Graeme McGregor.
Triples  Glyn Taylor , Rosemary Nicol and Barry Butcher.

It was a very warm Day and was played on their star weed Green.

We played Browns Bay in the first round.
Joy played a very good bowler Gideon in the singles  ,Joy played very well but Gideon was very accurate and consistent  and he had a good win.
Flora and Graeme had a slow start but found their rhythm and won 17-11.
Glynn ,Rosemary and Barry started well leading 6-0 but slowly dropped away going down by seven.

Second round we played Birkenhead who were strong even though they had a number of players missing from last year who are now year six players.
Joy played Will , another very good player and he was too strong in the end 17-12. Will went on to beat Gideon in the last end  of round three.
Flora and Graeme continued on their winning way, getting home by one point. They beat a very good team skipped by Chad Nathan a Harbour 1-5 rep.
Glynn, Rosemary and Butcher had a better game but went down by three.

The final round saw Joy play some very good bowls but went down to her Orewa opponent 20-15 after being right in it with two ends to go. Could Flora and Graeme make it three out of three?  Hugh expectations !!! Alas no. They were slow out of the blocks and never really got going, losing 15-8.  Glyn’s team were out for a win in the last game, but they also could not really get close going down 13-8.

Well done to Flora and Graeme who had a very good day.

Unfortunately for Joy she was up against some very good singles players and results don’t show how well she bowled.

The triples team struggled all day. Barry and Rosemary did not play their best bowls (which happens) meaning Glyn had a hard day at the office.

A good learning curve for the players , setting the standard they need to be at  for next year.

Neither of the teams, Birkenhead and Browns Bay that qualified from our section, progressed past the quarter finals.

The biggest complaint I had as manager was that, none of Flora`s fine looking bacon and egg pie was offered to the said manager who is also the selector!!!!.

Alan Daniels


Ron Hornes report from Browns Bay.

The weather was good however the team encountered an initial problem. After bowling in Mairangi greens running at 17-18 they encountered virtually a brand new green running at around 12-13.

It took a little time to adjust during the first game. The triples played well and won however Hanaan struggled in the singles and Gaye and Rick George were having trouble combining. So 2-1 down in the first game. Second game I shifted Mike to play pairs with Gaye and that worked well as they won the second and third games however Hanaan struck Sean Goldsworthy (up and coming Takapuna star)and was soundly defeated. The triples with the two Ricks and Glenda also lost. Third game I decided we try our strongest teams and sacrifice a game to get two wins and qualify. Glenda played singles and lost heavily the triples won. We ended up with 12 points and we qualified by two points as Mahurangi were unable to get past us in the final singles game they had against Takapuna.

So to the final day I decided to play Mike in the singles which he won beating Michelle Kean. That meant he was undefeated in all the games he played over the weekend. Gaye and Glenda played pairs and were up against probably the Orewa teams best players in Laurie Kean and Dave Batchelor. They were defeated and so were the triples with Hanaan playing with the two Ricks.

My overall comments are as follows.

Comparing our teams against the teams we played against we generally were inferior to them in overall ability. We are not strong currently in the Junior department at Mairangi. Perhaps if we had had Bob Mullen and Stuart available we might have done better. I think we need some strong coaching and a more competitive attitude from the players to succeed in these interclub situations. As an example I know that the Takapuna and Orewa teams were at Browns Bay practising the week prior to the tournament.

I think also even after the selectors pick the team the manager or captain should be able to adjust on the day as strategy such as looking at the oppositions strengths and be prepared to maybe concede a game but including a stronger player into one of the formats to allow that stronger team a better winning chance.

Overall the team did very well to qualify for the final day and were excellent representatives of Mairangi Bay.

Ron Horne

A big thank you to Ron for managing the team at Browns Bay.

The  1st year singles for men and woman down for February 12/13th has been postponed to a later date, yet to be advised.  It is felt some of our new bowlers could do with a little more experience on the green before the Big showdown due to a lack of time on the greens due to lockdown.

I will advise details as soon as I have them.  I will give you some dates to look out for in my next update .

We have three 1-5 Woman playing in the Woman`s Interclub 7`s this coming weekend, 22nd and 23rd January 2022.  Hanaan Shahwan, Rosemary Nicol and  Glenda Rountree.

Good bowling to them.

This is being played down at our club , so pop along and give them some support.

The following weekend is the Milford 5000 held at Milford Bowling club .  All day Saturday and Sunday.

We have three teams.
David Payne ,Gaye Horne and Colleen Rice.
Phil Chisholm , Michael Thomas and Theresa Rogers.
Kevin Robertson, Allan Langley and Bob Mullen.Each team is allowed two 1-8 year players but must have at least one 1-5 year player.

Good bowling to those teams.

Again they would appreciate any support over the weekend .