Plan Your Training Sessions

Plan your training sessions.

The key to a good training session is to know what you are going out to training for by setting yourself a goal to achieve.  An unplanned training session means you are wasting your time on the green go out shopping or watch a movie.

Many bowlers go out place the jack to their favourite length and draw/drive and that where it ends.  They have heaps of game experience but not the individual experience or skills to play the shot with confidence.  Why?  Because they do not train or work on the shot that is required to get the best result at game time.

It is important that you train on your own to achieve your goal at the training session.  The ability to perform well in a match is developed by ongoing drills training. The more you train a drill the more confident you are at game time.

It is all about training, training and more training “the more you train the luckier you are” –Gary Player South African Golfer.

You need to analyse all your training sessions and work on your weaknesses and not your strengths, keep a notebook and make notes before and after your training sessions to see how you are going.