Many of our members have now experienced play on our new carpet green, which is a huge asset to our club, allowing play and practice to happen all year round. The carpet green is a valuable community resource that allows us to share the great game of bowls with the local business community and those wanting to give the game a try.

The carpet replacement project started many years ago.  There are many people to thank for their expertise and experience in seeing the project through to completion, from concept, grant application, vendor selection, engineering advice and project supervision.

These individuals will be acknowledged in a separate message.

This message is to thank the generous sponsors who helped by providing funds to assist our club with this project.  Please visit their websites (click on the sponsor’s name below) to see the fantastic work they do to support our community.

They are:

Constellation Communities Trust

NZ Community Trust

Infinity Foundation Ltd

Hibiscus & Bays Local Grants

The Lion Foundation

NZ Racing Board