Laws of the Game

Lawn Bowls is currently governed by the Sport of Bowls – Crystal Mark Third Edition.  These laws should be read in conjunction with domestic regulations for Bowls New Zealand.  It is the responsibility of all players to make themselves aware of the laws.

Remember that no laws governing a sport can cope with every situation and lawn bowls laws are no exception.  They have been drawn up in the spirit of true sportsmanship so if a situation arises that is not covered by the laws, common sense and a spirit of fair play should be used to decide on an appropriate course of action.

Here is the link to the Crystal Mark Third Edition Laws of Bowls latest revision.


The World Bowls Laws Committee (LC), in conjunction with World Bowls Member National Authorities (MNAs), undertakes a comprehensive review of the Laws of the Sport on the same 4-yearly cycle as the Commonwealth Games. The last such review was held in 2014 – it led to the publication of the ‘Laws of the Sport of Bowls– Crystal Mark Third Edition’. (A review was not undertaken in 2018 because the board of World Bowls (WB) and MNAs felt that wholesale changes to the Laws were unnecessary at that time.)

Recent decision by World Bowls, including the use of laser measures, can be found by clicking the following link: