Welcome to Mairangi Bowling Club

Bowls North Harbour Club of the Year for the 2017 / 2018 Season

Bowling throughout the year. Close to Mairangi Bay village and a gentle stroll to the beach. We have two natural surface greens and a carpet green.

A friendly welcome is assured for anyone wishing to “have a go” at outdoor bowls. Our relaxing, no obligation programme includes coaching and free use of bowls and other gear.

Our Clubrooms include a large modern kitchen, large screen TV, comfortable Bar Lounge area and conference room facilities.

Get away from the crowded Auckland area and visit our quiet seaside village location. So, if you are looking to bowl whilst in Auckland, or join a real friendly club, then please contact us.

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Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting was held at 9.30am Saturday June 20th. With over 60 people in attendance the meeting voted to adopt the new constitution,

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Updated 13 June 2021

Throw away the current Members Handbook – not literally, but figuratively – as many of the events in the Members Handbook have changed due to that virus thingy.

Resumption of the Saturday pm Haggle and new events listed below


Tuesday 15 June
Club Day Aggregate, single entry starting at 12:30 pm
Thursday 17 June
Open Triples, Any Combination, starting at 9:15 am

Saturday 19 June
Annual General Meeting starting at 9:30 am.
Election of officers, reports on financial status and general business.
Applications for board membership and for items to be included in general business closed on Saturday 29 May 2021. 

Saturday pm Haggle starting at midday.  Single entry. Names to go on the starting sheet.  Entry open until 10:30 am or 15 minutes after the finish of the AGM, which ever is the later.

Tuesday 22 June

As there is over demand for the Thursday Any Combination Triples, we will be running an Open, Any Combination, Pairs tournament every second Tuesday for the next month or two.  The entry sheet is up on the board.  12 teams are required for this to go ahead.

Thursday 24 June
Open Triples, Any Combination, starting at 9:15 am

Friday 25 June
$plash the Ca$h starting at 1:00 pm sharp.  Entries are strictly limited.  Please do double check that you are or are not entered and diary the date.  Single entry, blind draw for partners.

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