Link to Bowls Coaching Video

a must watch video for all new bowlers and a great refresher for bowlers at any stage of their bowling career.


Coaching open to all members.

All members at all skill levels are most welcome to attend – no charge to MBBC members
Visitors by invitation (they will be asked to contribute $5.00)
Skills and drills set up and coaching by Ian Coombe and Brian Rogers

Director of the Head.
contributed by Rex Redfern.

In most forms of the game, you will be the director.
The skip in all forms of the game.
The lead, in pair games, the two in triples and the three in fours all have to act as directors.
All these players have to be the director on each end.

In communication, you must be heard or seen. 
The best form of communication at 35metres will be non-verbal although verbal is alright if loud enough. Most lady bowlers would need to shout. PLEASE LOOK AT THE PERSON YOU ARE TALKING TO NOT THE GROUND. 

To all directors of the head, I suggest the following with no excuses that “I am only a junior”
When crossing over say nothing about the head unless asked. The skip who has just left the head has a shot in mind. If you speak about the head you only confuse the player and may cause a bad shot.
However, you must communicate if the head changes. In this case, the director should tell the skip the position. Suggest the best hand.
If appropriate give warnings.
Play the percentage game if in doubt.

The person who is going to bowl may not follow the advice as they know their best shots (and their weakness) and they might give themselves a better chance with another shot.
Help your team player.

Don’t be a director who contributes nothing.
Rex Redfern