Business House Results

Wednesday 11th March 2020.

Hi Everyone,
Congratulation to tonight’s winners, and thank you to everyone for another successful night.

The results sheet has been sorted to show your teams placing over the round robin.

The 4 teams playing for the championship (top 4) are as I mentioned. 1st plays 4th, 2nd plays 3rd and winners play winner.

Those finishing in positions 5 through 10 will play in the bowl, teams finishing 11 through 16 play in the plate and teams 17 through 24 in the spoon.

The Bowl, Plate and Spoon are random draws.

The spreadsheet show you finishing position.

Finals night is a lot of fun as the teams abilities are better sorted so games are usually closer.

Thank you to those teams who have made an effort to make finals night as it is no fun if teams can’t or don’t make it and other teams can’t play as a result.

BHB Results Sheet Feb 2020 Finishing Order

We look forward to a fun finals night next week the last of this season, with ice cream and fruit for desert.


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