By courtesy of Bowls North Harbour Umpires Assn. Inc

Do       appreciate that you are a neutral person, that you are correctly dressed (you are encouraged to wear Club colours)
and that you introduce yourself to the players.
Do       be in possession of a reliable flexible measure, pen or pencil, chalk and score card with support.
Do       put players names on the board as per the card.
Do       be conversant with each players bowls.
Do       align the jack immediately it comes to rest within the rink boundaries and refer distance of the jack to players if
delivery does not appear to be up, or within the rink boundaries, or to the umpire if your doubt is not resolved.
Do       stand to one side of the rink, behind the jack and away from the head and remain motionless during delivery.
Do       watch for signals and listen for questions from the player in possession, and answer all questions of fact briefly.
Hypothetical questions are out.
Do       answer most common question “have I shot?” by – Yes or No.
Do       answer another question “is the bowl jack high?” by Yes or No.
Do       answer further questions “by how far beyond or short of the jack is the bowl?” – indicate by your hands.
Do       understand the term “jack high” means the nearest face of the jack and bowl are equidistant from the mat line.
Do       be alert at all times and advise adjoining markers if players intend to drive.
Do       chalk or note all touchers on both sides and indicate jack or toucher in the front ditch immediately.
Do       remove a dead bowl immediately and refer bowls near the rink boundary to players for a decision.
Do       prevent a bowl from an adjoining rink from disturbing the head by stopping it and hand it to the marker on that rink.
Do       keep clear of the head while players determine the result, and record the score on both the scorecard and board
every  end.
Do       measure if requested.  Player so requesting forfeits the right to measure that end.  Do not remove any shot bowl.
Do       walk from end to end midway between centre line and rink boundary.
Do       have both players sign the scorecard, circle the winners name, record the time the game ends and then hand the card to the Umpire or other Official.


Don’t   volunteer information
Don’t   answer questions relative to an adjoining rink
Don’t   invite players to inspect the head
Don’t   indicate a measure as being in favour or against.
Don’t   answer a question if player is not in possession of the rink.
Don’t   give an answer to a badly worded question.
Don’t   talk to spectators or sit amongst them.
Don’t   applaud or direct a player.  You are completely neutral.