With only 3 entries the women shared the Mayfair green with the men.

In the first game Jan Gledhill, Elwyn Beatson, Colleen Rice and Theresa Rogers had a convincing win against Elaine McClintock, Kerin Roberts, Irene Donaldson and Louise Ball with 15-4.
In the second game, Elaine’s team met Gaye Horne, Joy Watkinson, Glenda Rountree and Rosemary Nicol, who, with a strong start, went on to win 18-14.
That made the third game the final between Jan’s and Gaye’s teams. Gaye and Co continued to play very well and won convincingly with 18-4.
Congratulations to the winners and thanks to the 3 teams that entered. Hopefully next year, we’ll have a few more teams, so we don’t have any byes!