A big thank you to all those members plus Doug Jewson from the Fishing Club who didn’t get the cancellation message and turned up for the working bee on Monday morning.

Much was achieved, eliminating the need for a working bee on Tuesday

Knightsbridge was cleared of all debris but still needs the ditches cleared

Harcourts Community Green was cleared of all debris including from the ditches. It is now playable.

Mayfair still has some debris around the perimeter.

Club Rooms All tables and chairs have been moved off the carpet. We are anticipating the carpet will need to be removed, but have to wait for approval from the Insurers.


Clay between clubhouse and the Green Keeper’s sheds is still there, but the drain has been cleared.

A skip will arrive on Thursday to take the clay and bags of other debris. We will need to fill the skip as soon as possible after it arrives as others will see it as an opportunity to dispose of any of their rubbish.

More details of work to be done will be published as soon as we get a fix on timing but in the meantime the Club Rooms remain closed.