Wednesday 13th March was finals night for the latest round of Social Business House Bowls and what a great night it was.

Regrettably, one team had to pull out due to sickness. We do not have a bye on finals night so we appreciate that The Calculators, who became the “balloted out team”  decided to attend and partake in the fun.

With 4 divisions there were plenty of prizes up for grabs.

The Trophy – The Rex Redfern Memorial Bowl was won by Young At Heart. The ladies did exceptionally well as they qualified 4th after the round robin so had to meet the round robin winners, The Jack Reachers in the 1st game. They won this game in a tight battle then went on to triumph over The Sunset Slingers who had beaten Bowlocks in the 1stgame.

So the top 4 finishers  for the February 2024 Social Business House Bowls were;
1st & Trophy  Young At Heart
Members  Jill McGregor, Sally McCollom,  Marilyn Trent & Carloyn Jones
2nd                   Sunset Slingers
3rd                   The Jack Reachers
4th                    Bowlocks

The remaining teams were divided into  3 sections based on finishing order in the round robin.
There were 10 teams in the Bowl and the results were very tight with only one team managing 2 wins

Bowl Results:
1st  Skip to the Green. Members Sam Winchester Sue Davenport, Rachel Moore & Kelly Johnson.  They won 2 very close games. Prevailing by 2 points in the 1st game and 1 point in the second game. Absent from the photo is Sue Davenport who unfortunately couldn’t stay for prizegiving.
2nd Happy Days.  With only 1½ wins Mark and his team thought they had blown it, however their 17 ends saw them into second place.
3rd Banga’s Juniors. Also with 1½ wins their 13 ends gave them 3rd place.

The next 10 teams competed in the plate with the following results. Again a very tight contest for the places although the top teams all managed 2 wins.
Plate Results:
1st Dolls with Bowls, Members Trish Inch, Bev Jamieson, Kath Lindsay and Louise Rogers. They  had 2 wins, 14 ends and 26 points which saw them head off The Dab Hands
2nd Dab Hands 2 wins also 14 ends but only 20 points
3rd You Can’t Coach That with 13 ends  and 22 points

The final 8 teams played in the Spoon.  Only 2 teams managed 2 wins so it was again very close.
Spoon Results:
1st Bowling Besties. Members  Ann Davis, Chris Davis, Lindsay Mouat and Danny Murphy. They had 2 wins 12 ends, 23 points,  1 more than the 2nd placed  Greenwich Gremlins.
2nd Greenwich Gremlins 2 wins,  12 ends and 22 points.
3rd Lawn Lushes 1 win and 11 ends.

Well done to all the winners. It was so close, with many results determined by one bowl. Those of you who didn’t win can be proud of your participation and contributing to yet another very successful and enjoyable tournament.