The Pennants competition will be the main interclub competition for this next season and will run for 10 weeks from 29 September.

Names will be called for from mid-August when the notice goes up on the notice board.  

We are aware a number of members will be away during the August/September time but want to be considered for an interclub team.

If you are not in a position to add your name to the notice during August/September you should either let Tony Popplewell know (by email as he is overseas too) or arrange for another member to add your name to the list when the notice goes up on the board.  

We have some serious competition coming up this season with an expectation we will have teams in both Division 1 & 2 in the men’s and division 1 in the women’s, so we want all the best players in the club to be available.

Tony Popplewell