For our second Cub Day we had 26 players enjoying fantastic weather  As usual everybody seemed to like the format, playing and getting to know different people. There were 3 tree games winners, Alison, Jo and Helen and they were rewarded with a chocolate fish, kindly donated. Again we were lucky to have a bar person playing, so thank you to Elwyn, who opened the bar for us!
Next Club Day will be in 2 weeks time, on 15th of June, 12.30 start. Please be there 15 min before.
It seems I owe some of you an apology for not giving the full amount of information, since it is different from the hand book. By doing Club Day every second week, alternating with Ric’s Friday, members have the opportunity to play 3 times a week, instead of 2 or 4 times, and that seemed better. We play three games for 55 min, or max 8 ends.
See you on the 15th.
Gerd and the team.