Once again a stunning afternoon for our Saturday afternoon Haggle this week and to add some variety, the draw was done in teams of triple rather than pairs.  This was an opportunity for our newer members to get the feel of team play with skip, two and lead positions.  In each of the three games the team positions had to change and so it resulted in learning about the game from different ends on the rink and at different stages of the head being built.

The teams were evenly matched which resulted in no three winners.  Congratulations to the team of Kevin Robertson, Muy Chhour and Graeme McGregor who had 2.5 Wins, 13 Ends and 22 Points.

2nd – 2W, 12E, 23P – Peter Orgias and Ralph Cullen
3rd – 2W, 11E, 22P = John Smith, Elwyn Beatson and Jim Center.

With around 10 more weeks of play on our grass greens before we head to the carpet, the Haggle numbers are growing.  The sheet is up for next week.  Remember, 3 games of around 1 hour each, mufti dress, starting at 1:00 pm.