The heavy overnight rain on Tuesday meant Mayfair green was underwater at 7.00am and Hamish did not think it would be playable until midday. Given that the forecast for Thursday was even worse than Wednesday’s we were left with no option but to cancel both days and reschedule sometime after Christmas. We will advise the date once we have it.

In all instances of cancellation an email is automatically sent to the person who placed the entry and they should advise their team members accordingly . This contact person also receives an entry confirmation and 2 reminder emails. It is recommended that the contact person forwards those emails on to the other members of the team.

Which brings up an interesting point. If you are the contact person for your team ie the entry is in your name, on tournament day PLEASE CHECK YOUR EMAILS!!!

The cancellations are often on Facebook and on our website, but sometimes that is not immediately obvious. It is much easier to check your emails.