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Last Friday afternoon we had another pleasant afternoon on the greens, great bowling and lots of fun.

Some really serious bowls played, all accompanied by the nostalgia music of the 60/70, pleasantly wafting out over the greens, until the blasted rain came.  

Best 2 winner: Barry and Phil
Best 1 winner Ray & Raewyn.

Worst NO winner Leon & Garth (whooo  hoooo)

Plus two lucky number  draws.  

BUT the Jackpot was not struck, so next time we play the Jackpot is worth $200  

Next day of Jackpot Pairs is Friday 20th October and the sheet up in the usual place. Already 20 teams entered. Single entry put your name on the bottom of the sheet and Ric will organise your team.

Remember ANY TEAM can win the POT of $200. Just need to be LUCKY!!!