WhaHoo!! The Jackpot of $250 was struck by Tony & Jane James. The Super Jokerpot remains elusive and is now $650 the most we have ever had.

So, a real summers day, hot, sticky but a cool breeze made conditions not so bad. We had 24 teams vying for the money.

We also learnt the answer to the the best ever Trivial Pursuits question: How did Lord Kitchener die.

Best 2 winner, Ric & Ian, Best 1 Winner, shared the 2 Ric’s and Alison and Ron.

The Lucky card Superjoker Pot chance went to Colin and Colleen. The first 2 from the raffle draw for the Superjoker Pot chance went to Jane and Margaret.

Next Jackpot Pairs is THIS FRIDAY 22nd. Jackpot is $100 (thanks to sponsorship)and the JOKER SUPER POT is $650

Sheet is up in normal place. (Remember when entering, to also put it in your Bowling Diary, AND consult your bowling diary DAILY)

Thank You Ric