Firstly a timely reminder from Ric Lyford re YOUR responsibility when entering events.

“I have a niggle/bitch/moan. Event/tournament organizers go to a LOT of EFFORT to ensure teams and numbers balance, often spending hours on phone calls to ensure smooth running of events. When a team, or member, fails to turn up, forgets or otherwise cancels out at the LAST MINUTE, it throws the whole event into confusion and causes ongoing problems for ALL those who do play.

It is NOT the problem of the event organizer to find a replacement. If you cancel, you MUST FIND a REPLACEMINT!!!!

We are all getting older so surely a BOWL DIARY in which you enter what you have entered and the date in which you refer to often will reduce the chances of “forgetting”.”

So onto the results for 20 November.

16 teams booked, 15 turned up. Good day and mostly we were happy bowlers.

Best 2 winner was Glenda and Joy. $40 and WELL done girls.

Jackpot of $150 was MINUS 15, NOT struck so will be $200 next time

The Super JOKERPOT of $450 was attempted by 4 people, the best was Ian Coombe who managed an Ace and got $10 for his efforts. This Jackpots next time to $500. All you have to do to WIN is be LUCKY!!!!

Next Jackpot Pairs is :

TUESDAY 29th DECEMBER. YES!!! that’s right the day AFTER BOXING DAY.

Sheet up in normal place.

Thank you for your patience on Friday.

Ric Lydford