Another fun-filled, almost summer’s day was enjoyed by 24 teams playing on the greens which were in excellent order.

The fun continued inside after play with another superbly informative session of money giveaway AND where we learnt about a sailor on the Sydney Manly Ferry.

The Jackpot of $100 was WON by Barry and Phil having 0 differential.
Peter and Jeanette were the best 2 winner.
There were 3 teams who enjoyed sharing the Minor Jackpot of $60.

The Goldfinger Superpot draw was won by Ray & Raewyn. Unfortunately, they had no luck with the cards. Lucky in love instead!!! 

Next Goldfinger Superpot draw will be for $250. 
Next Jackpot Pairs Friday 9th November Jackpot of $100. The sheet is up in the normal place with 22 teams already listed for this ever increasingly popular event.