A really nice day to terminate our summer Friday Jackpot/Super Jokerpot series. It was also the end of the Ric Lydford era as event organizer. Time for new ideas and convener.
It has been a pleasure to run, lots of fun and very successful with a BIG thank you to all of you who supported this concept over the last 4-5 years.
So best 2 winner, Barry Mc and Racheal
Best 1  winner Ron R and Ric G
Ahh!!! Priscilla cannot leave you out a mention in dispatches for worst no wins
The Jackpot of $100 to Alison and Judy
The REAL money was in the Super Joker Jackpot of $600
As each name was drawn they had a chance at $600 or on a miss of the Joker received $50 and the Joker Pot was reduced accordingly.
After 6 attempts finally @ $300 Gordon Ross found the JOKER.
And so the day ended and the time had come for Ric to put away his Aussie storey book and leave it to someone else to carry on.
I hope some others will step up and continue what is a popular, easy to run, Fun Format.
Are you Interested????? talk to Sandra, or me.
I Thank you all again, for without your individual support it would not have been the success it has been.
Ric Lydford