JACKPOT Pairs – Friday 11 February
A reminder that this Friday 11 February is the next JACKPOT Pairs.  This is a single entry event with entries made online or by contacting the event organiser, Ric Lydford.

The WRONG BIAS box has been cleared and donations of just over $400 each have been made to the North Shore Hospice and the Westpac Rescue Helicopter.  Many thanks to all those who have contributed.  The WRONG BIAS fund builds through a gold coin donation for any wrong bias delivery made.  Some members are more familiar with the process of ringing the bell and donating than others.

RESULTS – Saturday pm Haggle 6 February 2022
Even with members still away on summer holidays and the club championship events being held, there was a strong, full field of 20, playing the Saturday pm Haggle.  This is a single entry event with entries made either online or by contacting the event organiser. (usually Russell Parkinson).

There were 2 teams with three wins, the better results were from the combination of Muy Chhour and Chris Egg.  That’s two weeks in a row for Chris.  C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S. (sorry no photos taken)

1st – 3W, 17E, 33P, – Muy Chhour and Chris Tegg
2nd – 3W, 10E, 19P – Joy Finney and Ralph Cullen
3rd – 2.5W, 12E, 24P – David Payne and Mick Taylor
4th – 2W, 12E, 22P – Neville O’Connor and Julie Chhour

(hard luck to Michael Thomas and Faye Kitchen who missed out on the prizes (no 5th prize) by being just 1 end less than the 4th place getters.)

Many thanks to Enid Di Cesare and Neville O’Connor for helping out with the draw and the organising.  Thanks also to those who set up the rinks and to those who tidied up after the game.

We anticipate another full field for Saturday 12 February, so do get you entry in as soon as possible.  This is a single entry event.  Entries are made through the online booking system or by contacting the event organiser.