The JACKPOT Pairs big reveal was done Friday afternoon on the 12th.

Thank you to the 35-40 people who came down to partake.

Excellent work by Gerd, who paid for the right to take down the curtain and reveal our JOKER SUPER POT.
Not many people get to “cut the ribbon” so to speak.

Well done to Bob Mullins who was first to win the chance to draw the “Joker”
Unfortunately, he did not score.

Prize money next draw is now $150

Well done to Barry who had the correct answer to the “General Knowledge question.”
See, its not just bowls, BUT learning as well!!!”

Are you prepared for next time?????  

Next Jackpot Pairs 26th October. Sheet up in the normal place. Already 20 entries so be in EARLY.  

Kind Regards,
Ric  Lydford