Next Jackpot Pairs will be Friday 12th April Jackpot is $200 and Goldfinger Super Pot is $800.

Sheet up in normal place

The FINAL jackpot Pairs for this season will be on FRIDAY26th April. 

ALL Jackpots, if not struck beforehand, will TERMINATE and be WON on this day.

To enter the FINAL day you MUST have played at LEAST 3 Jackpot Pair days during this season.

Please be AWARE this is the week of Easter AND the day after ANZAC day. You will NEED to adjust your bowling calendar

Around this day Friday 26th April if wanting to partake. (If rained out then we will look to Sat/Sun 27/28 to play. We MUST terminate the Jackpots)

Kind Regards,
Ric  Lydford