Hi Everyone,

The Sorrill Cup was held at Browns Bay on Sunday. As last year, each team was allowed 2 x 1-8 players in their four players.  Mairangi Bay had three teams participating.  The weather was cool with strong gusty winds and some showers.  It was played on their newish carpet green, which was quite fast and tricky with the conditions  There was a late withdrawal from the field reducing it to 17 teams , so each round had a bye.

The winning team was from Manly who were the only four winner which included a bye.
There were 5 teams that had 3 wins. Two teams had 50 points and a 23 point differential and they finished 2nd equal.  They were a team from Sunnybrae and the team of Alan Daniels, Mike Wilkinson, Kevin Robertson and Allan Langley.

The team of Neil Buckner, David Payne, Colleen Rice and Gaye Horne also had three wins but missed out on the prizes.

The team of Ron Horne, Tony James, Garth Partridge and Bob Mullen had an ordinary day but word from their team is that they are peaking for the Stanaway and Latimer Cups.

The next Tournament is the Stanaway Trophy at Manly on Sunday 9th August.
The teams entered are:
Neil Buckner, David Payne ,Colleen Rice and Gaye Horne.
Allan Blackman, Gayle Wilkinson, Russell Parkinson and Louise Ball.
Ron Horne, Tony James, Garth Partridge and Bob Mullen.
Alan Daniels, Mike Wilkinson, Kevin Robertson and Allan Langley.
Tim Schofield, Glenda Rountree, Flora McDonald and Rosemary Nicol.

The Latimer Cup will be held on Sunday 23rd August at Browns Bay.
We have 4 teams entered
The Buckner team, the Daniels team, the Blackman team and the Horne team.

The club Junior Singles was played Sunday week ago.
In the Women’s, Gaye Horne has had for wins in a round robin tournament and she will play Beth Drummond who has had 3 wins.  They play tomorrow or Saturday to decide the winner.
In the Men’s, David Payne will play Garth Partridge in one semi and Allan Langley will play Kevin Robertson in the other.

The Womens 1st Year Singles is yet to be played.
The Mens 1st Year Singles had a field of 5. The biggest field we have had for some time.
Jim Center, Glyn Taylor and Stuart Mackay all played very good bowls but it was the two Ricks who came out on top on the day.  Both had three wins so Dixon and George will face off in the final and I’m pretty certain Rick will win!. Date still to be finalised.

I emailed you yesterday (Monday 6 July 2020) about the Junior 1-5 Any Combination Pairs. There is lots of interest, but finding a day could prove difficult.  We will discuss on Thursday and see what we can come up with.

Also confirming the Club Mixed Pairs Champs are on the Sunday 2nd August. A number of you have entered that.  It may pay to check the sheet on the board as those names were registered some time ago.

We have 12 Juniors attending the Auckland Bowls Winter Coaching being held in Auckland. Of those, 9 are all 1st year bowlers which is fantastic.  Great to see the enthusiasm from these bowlers and their willingness to learn and to be involved.  And they are not a bad bunch of people as well !!!

Finally just reminder if you are replying to group emails like the ones I send out, just hit reply and that will come straight back to me.  If you hit reply all everyone gets your reply which does not need to happen.

Only two months to go before the new season starts !!
Stay warm.

Alan Daniels
Junior Convenor
P (09) 4791489 M 0272900127