This is your Junior Convenor.   I’m back !!!

I did resign from the position due to not being a Junior any more but unfortunately, we have not been able to find a successor.
I have agreed to fill the role again this year.   I will not be doing the reports on competitions as previous but otherwise will endeavour to keep everyone as much informed.

If anyone is keen to do reports on Junior Tournaments they can send the report to me or straight to Garth Partridge.

Firstly I would like to farewell the Juniors who have now become year 6 bowlers.
Neil Buckner, Allan Blackman, Alan Daniels, Marie Cooper, Tony James, Ron Horne, Gayle Wilkinson, Mike Wilkinson and Nancy Williams. Also, Trish Hardy who has moved to Takapuna.  

A BIG WELCOME to our new Juniors this year. Gayle Horne, Juliana Tonkin, Graeme Tonkin all Year 1. Peter Rudgley, Tim Schofield both Year 2. Enjoy your first five years, they go very quickly.
Any questions don’t hesitate to ask me or anyone around the club, we will be happy to help you.  

The season is well underway and we have had some reasonable weather to start with.  

Fantastic news for Theresa Rogers making the North Harbour Women’s rep open/development Squad.
Colleen Rice has made the North Harbour Junior 1-5 women`s rep squad.
Phil Chisholm, Fata Letoa, Allan Langley and David Payne have all made the North Harbour Junior 1-5 men`s rep squad.
Well done to all of them.  

Monday night skills coaching is being held, run by Ian Hardy and Rex Redfern. This is open to all bowlers but is particularly helpful for our new bowlers. Start time is 4.30pm, any cancellation will be on our website.  

We have our club Junior 1-5 Tournament being held on Labour Day 22nd October. This is an any combination(two men or two woman or 1 man and 1 woman), 2x4x2 tournament and is a great place to start for some of our newer bowlers.
The best place for learning is out on the greens, so don’t be afraid to put a team together.
The entry form is on the board.  

Pt Chev is running a Classic Fours  1-8 Tournament on Labour weekend also. Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st, I believe we may have at least two teams entered. I have the details if anyone is interested.  

The greens are in excellent order thanks to Hamish, we need some good weather to continue and we will be in for a great season.  
Good bowling to you all.  
Alan Daniels
Junior Convenor