Boy — was it hot — however no-one’s complaining about this fantastic weather for bowls — right?

The greens were running fast and the slight breeze was welcome as far as the cooling aspect, but also made it tricky, especial with the green being turned 90 degrees at lunchtime.

All these factors combined to throw out a result that saw no team with four wins. With three and a half wins, was the team of Jan Calcott, Phyl Humphries, Bruce Aley and Elwyn Beatson.  “How come there are four names and it was pairs?” I hear you ask.  Well Jan and Phyl called for substitutes at lunchtime as a half day in the hot conditions was enough for them.  So this team of 4 won the pairs, with three and a half wins and 22 ends.

In second with three wins and 25 ends were Murray Radojkovich and Gordon Ross and they edged out one of the many other three winners, the best of which were our very welcome regular visitors from Takapuna, Norm Scott-Morrison and Chris Taylor who accumulated 21 ends.

Hard luck to the other three winners, although some did pick up the morning or afternoon prize.  The lucky dip went to the well deserving Steve McGregor and Garth Partridge. (thanks to Jan, our visitor from the Sunshine Coast for selecting my card.)