Hello Members

A few items to bring you up to scratch.

On page 11 of our handbook there is an item relating to non-appearance by members who have put their names down to play in tournaments, club champs and the like.

You will appreciate that convenors of these events spend considerable time in preparing the draws for these events based on the entries received and to have entrants not showing up on the day is extremely frustrating for the convenor/event organiser. In order for the event to proceed the convenor has to telephone to establish where the missing player and is often told “Sorry I had forgotten I had entered”  or “I can’t play today”.

While we appreciate that sometimes non-attendance is due to circumstances beyond the entrant’s control, a telephone call to the convenor when it becomes apparent [preferably before the draw is done the previous day] would be greatly appreciated.

The non-attendance of an entrant can mean having to prepare a complete new draw and/or create a bye in the day’s play and while all this is being sorted out there is an inevitable delay in the start of play that day.

The club has not pursued the collection of the entry fee [as mentioned in the handbook] but the Board believes this should be done.

Therefore with immediate effect the club will insist on payment of the entry fee for non-attendance when an entry has been made and until such time as that entry fee remains unpaid the offending member will be excluded from participating in events.

Members will be aware that the club recently purchased 25 sets of new bowls. These are for use in Business House Bowls, by participants in Corporate Events associated with hiring our facilities and by new members while they become familiar with the game and receive their initial coaching and start playing in some events.

Regarding the latter, the Board feels that a period of THREE MONTHS is a reasonable time for new bowlers/members to acclimatise to the game and to acquire their own bowls. The sooner new bowlers have their own bowls the sooner they become accustomed to their characteristics.

This is in the programme for TUESDAY, 19 NOVEMBER when we invite residents of villages in the district to join us on our natural greens for a tournament.

This event has been enjoyed for several years and they like bowling on our greens as opposed to the artificial greens in the villages.

We play three games starting at around 10.00am and finish the day with afternoon tea about 2.30pm

Villages enter their own teams but for club members it is single entry and club teams are made up.

The entry sheet for this is on the notice board so please get your names up to make this a successful day and show your hospitality to our visitors.

For the benefit of new members, access tabs to enter the clubrooms are available from the secretary [Jo Baxter] for $25.00. Jo will explain how they work.

As the clubhouse is locked unless there is an event on you are unable to gain entry to look at entry sheets etc on the notice board etc.

Jean Ashby [our rules guru!!] has kindly offered to conduct a training session on SATURDAY, 2 NOVEMBER, for one hour commencing at 9.30am.
Topics to be discussed are:-
-laws of the game
-filling out cards

None of us are too old to learn or be refreshed on these matters so please enter your name on the sheet on the notice board,

Jean has to be gone by 10.30 so it will be short and sweet!