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……………. a bunch of our members working away in the background (and keeping within their bubble) to do the maintenance and odd jobs around our club facilities while we are in the middle of these unusual times.

You will be aware that Leon has been busy building new seats and they look very flash and very safe.  Many thanks Leon.

Also, thanks to Ian Hardy for your work in dismantling and removing the old seats.  Great effort that!!

And has the grass stopped growing?  No, the surrounds are being maintained by Kevin Cameron and John Lindsay who have done a great job of mowing the lawns and doing a general tidy up.  Cheers guys.  Things are looking very sharp.

There are probably other who are doing their bit behind the scenes and if that’s you, many thanks.  I’m sure there are many of our members including the club facility in their regular exercise zone, so thanks to you all for looking after or club and making us all proud to be involved with the Mairangi Bay Bowling Club.

Stay well and stay safe everyone.  Looking forward to seeing you all back on the greens as soon as possible.