Single Entry Tournament 14 March

The penultimate single entry tournament of the summer season was held on Thursday 14 March.  Another lovely summers day was enjoyed by 14 teams.  Unfortunately team numbers were a little down on previous tournaments which may be as a result of members having had a lot of bowls lately and needing a break.

1st John Gledhill, Sheryl Wellington, Ralph Cullen – 4 wins and 35 ends
2nd Gerry Strydom, Stuart Jamieson, Graeme Storey – 4 wins 30 ends
3rd Barry McCrystal, Annie McGrath, Kevin Sturgeon – 3 wins 32 ends 58 points beating out the other 3 winner of Colleen Rice, David Lloydd, Rosemary Nicol who also had 32 ends but only having 56 points.

Luck dip winners Colleen Rice’s team above  and Peter Orgies, Glyn Taylor and Russell Parkinson.

The final tournament will be held on 11 April.

Allan Langley/Kevin Cameron