Another very pleasant day’s bowling, a little warm, and the breeze early in the day died away to almost nothing. There were 19 teams competing on both greens. Unfortunately, due to the uneven number of teams, there was a bye.

First, with four wins, 27 ends was the team of Bart R, Colin R and Bruce M.
Second, with four wins, 23 ends was the team of Ian C, John V and Bruce A.
Third, the best of the several three winners, was Peter O, Mike J and Allan L, with three wins, 21 ends, 42 points for and 26 points against.

This was  just ahead of the team of Lionel D, Colleen R and Phil C, who had the same number of wins, ends and points for, but had 45 points against.
Morning prize went to Leon W, Rosemary N and Bevan D with two wins, 11 ends and 23 points for in the morning games. Again, unlucky, was the team of Lionel, Phil and Colleen with two wins, 11 ends and 21 points.
Afternoon prize went to George J, John G and Barry B with two wins and 12 ends in their afternoon games.
Lucky dip went to Kevin C, Brian R and Arthur B.
The closeness of the third place and the morning prize results demonstrates how important every point is.
Congratulations to all of the winners.

Thanks to Dil’s for sponsoring this tournament, and to everyone who helped with all of the many jobs that have to be done to make the day a success.
Steve McGregor (convenor)