A strong field of 28 teams competed on a day of mixed weather. A quite strong gusty cross wind during the afternoon made for some challenging conditions at times.
As usual, there were a good number of players from other clubs, predominantly Takapuna, several of whom were rewarded for their support.

First, with 4 wins and 35 ends was David Payne and Evan Thomas.
Second, with 4 wins and 31 ends was Bob Telfer and Ian Hardie.
Third, with 4 wins and 28 ends was Jan Calcott and Chris Taylor.
Fourth, with 3 wins and 34 ends was Leon Wech and Bevyn Darlington.
Fifth, with 3 wins, 29 ends and 60 points was Elaine McClintock and Bart Roberson, who just pipped Colleen Rice and Sheryl Wellington by 2 points.
Not to be left empty handed however, Colleen and Sheryl took out the morning prize with 2 wins, 15 ends and 33 points.
Alan Telford and Rachel Long got the afternoon prize with 2 wins and 17 ends, and Garry Banks and Jamie Chen won the lucky dip.

An interesting point – first, third, afternoon and lucky dip prize winners were on one green, and second, fourth, fifth, and morning prize winners were on the other green.

Steve McGregor (tournament convenor)