ANZAC Day – The usual social tournament was held on the afternoon of ANZAC day after a short reflection time led by David Hutcheson and Ian Coombe as the flag Marshall reminded us of the importance of the day and remembering those who gave their lives in service of the country.

The bowls tournament followed and then around 40 members and partners enjoyed a Chinese meal.

The bowls this day was slightly less complicated in the scoring and 33 players took to the green to try their luck. Unbeknown at the time the players were in 2 teams representing Australia and New Zealand and at the end of the day the Australian team were the victors with 955 points scored (with 30 wins) and New Zealand were a little behind with 828 points scored and 21 wins. Both teams were awarded a small prize each.

Then came the individual winners of the day. With the two countries represented there were 3 places awarded to each with the Australian team led by David Lloydd (3 wins & 71 points), Kevin Cameron (3 wins & 68 points) and Enid Di Cesare (3 wins & 66 points. The New Zealand team was led by John Lindsay (3 w & 67 points), Russell Parkinson (3 wins & 61 points) and Norm Clarke (2 wins & 64 points). The next three highest scorers were led by Ron Horne and Les Boulton (both with 64 points) and Muy Chhour with 62 points.

One cannot have a winner without having a looser and the worst looser on the day was Caryl Miles and her score can remain secret. Two lucky draws went to Ralph Cullen and John Miles.

Tony Popplewell