After what seems like a months worth or rain and strong winds from the tail of cyclone Hale, Thursday morning, although the skies were not clear and there was some drizzle, the greens were not ponding, so the decision was made that the day would go ahead.  To add to the expectation, the Mayfair Green was to be in play for the first time since its renovation.

This was the day that our field is joined by our Aussie visitors: 27 this year.  They were hosted for two nights by club members and then they head off to Taranaki on stage two of their bowls tour of the North Island.  It was great to have them back after an enforced break of two years as they add humour, colour,  language and skills to the day of bowls.

The full field of entries required Knightsbridge to be configured with 9 rinks and with the requirement to move rinks for the afternoon play, two afternoon games had to be moved to the Harcourt’s Community carpet green.

Prizes were spread wide, with seperate competitions and therefore prize pools for each of the two natural grass greens, thanks to our sponsors, Fairview Lifestyle Village and Settlers Lifestyle Village.

On Knightsbridge:
1st – 4 Wins 28 Ends – Tic Tok (aka Greg Baker, Howard Pardon & Anthony Hendricks

2nd – 3W, 36E – Dave Payne, Ian Hardy & Evan Thomas
3rd – 3W, 33E, 59 Points – Brian Nolan, Kevin Roberston & Bob Mullen
4th – 3W, 33E, 57P – Tony James, Tony Trent & Steve McGregor
unlucky 3 winner was the team of Alan Sandercock, Reg Blue & Graeme Box

On Mayfair:
1st – 3.5W, 31E – Will Whitburn, Grant Keates. & Barry Green

2nd – 3.5W, 30E – Elaine McClintock, Jan Harrison & Kerin Roberts
3rd – 3W, 37E – Peter Orgias, Gordon Jenkins & Allan Langley
4th – 3W, 31E – Dennis Layton, John Thornton & Peter Weller

Best win on the Harcourt’s Community Carpet: One win with 9 ends – Kevin Sturgeon, David Lloydd & John Miles

A special prize was donated by Barry Sullivan to be awarded to the next best team from Mairangi Bay.  This prize from the Sunshine Coast Winter Bowls Carnival was won by the team of Geoff Ladd, Flora McDonald and Rosemary Nicol.

Two other prizes were awarded:
for 13th place – Phill Chisholm, Gaye Horne & Colleen Rice
20th place: Glyn Taylor, Gerd Hutcheson & Glenda Rountree
and there were two lucky dip prizes.

So congratulations to the winners, to MBBC for the extensive number of prizes and to our values sponsors Settlers and Fairview.