Well Hallelujah we CRACKED IT.

YES!!! a full team of 36 and everybody on time and turned up.
I THANK YOU all. It does make life of a convener worth living.

So, we splashed over $200 around, plus added to the Joker pot, now $80 and also added to the Cash Splash DIFFERENTIAL jackpot which now stands at $220. (I was surprised that the Diff of 3 was not struck. Lots of 2 and 4 )

Best 2 winner after finding a 31 a 32 and the winner with 35 points was Caryl and Arthur.

The worst no winner shall remain nameless BUT someone with a similar name did climb a famous mountain!!!!

Next Cash Splash is Friday 23rd July. Sheet up in normal place. (if full PLEASE add name as a Reserve. I needed 4 for yesterday)

so it is highly likely you will get to play.

Thank you everybody.

Ric Lydford