The MBBC Women’s 1-5 Champion Singles, played over the weekend 10th & 11th Feb 2024, attracted 6 entries, the same as last year, which is a good number for this tournament.

Rosemary Nicol and Julie Chhour started well with 2 wins.  Annie McGrath and Glenda Rountree needed 1 more win in the 3rd round. Rhonda Dredge and Flora Macdonald unfortunately had 2 losses and were out.
Flora still had to play Annie, who needed a second win to qualify, and managed to do just that. In a tight and exciting game, just before time was running out, she managed to get a 2 in the last end, winning with 21-20. Well done Flora for putting up a good flight.
So we ended up with 3 qualifiers, which gave us a bye!! Annie got the long/short straw and the bye. Julie to play Rosemary in the semi final.
Sunday offered us a glorious day, except for quite strong winds, which caused a lot of problems for all! For the semifinal,  Rosemary won after a strong finish, with 21-13. Rosemary continued her excellent form, by beating Annie with 21-7.
Congratulations to Rosemary, defending her win last year. And congratulations to all of you for taking part.
Finally a big thank you to Barry and Leon, who helped with setting up the green AND marking 2 rounds! Much appreciated. I hope we can do the same for you!