On the second day of November we had a full field for the two natural grass greens.  Many thanks to all participants and to the many visitors.  The Thursday competition at Mairangi Bay is always sees a strong and competitive field where there are no “easy” games.

What a luxury to have both the Knightsbridge and Mayfair greens running so well this early in the summer season.

Many thanks to the sponsor for the day.  Nice to see Shane Coote from Ray White Mairangi Bay who was on hand to present the many prizes.  Many thanks for the sponsorship and for the chocolates.

Congratulations to Evan Thomas and Bevan Smith who were the best of the four 4 winners with 38 ends and 60 points.

2nd – 4W, 37E, 73P – Leon Wech & Bevyn Darlington
3rd – 4W, 34E, 50P – Shaun Goldsbury & Chris Charles
4th – 4W, 27E, 55P – Lorna Donald & Geraldine Wight
5th – 3W, 34E, 81P – Ian Hardie & David Eade
6th – 3W, 34E, 72P – Ian Coombe & John Valentine

unlucky Bruce McClintock & Colin Rogan with 3W, 32E, 56P, however the took out the afternoon prize with 2W, 20E.

Other unlucky 3 winners were Murray Radojkovich & Brian Nolan, David Payne & Julis Chhour, Phil Chisholm & Theresa Rogers.

The morning prize went to Chris Taylor and Jan Calcott with 2W, 18E.
Lucky dip went to the Radojkovich, Nolan pair.