Want to play bowls in ideal conditions?  Come on down to MBBC and take part in our Thursday competition as the conditions today were neigh on perfect.  The Mayfair grass green is getting betted and better and the Harcourt’s Community Carpet green is rolling like a freight train: fast and true.

Congratulations to the one and only four winning team of Colin Rogan, Bruce McClintock and David Eades.

Colin Rogan, David Eades & Bruce McClintock


1st – 4 Wins, 29 Ends, 51 Points – Colin Rogan, Bruce McClintock and David Eades.
2nd – 3.5W, 35E, 65P – Murray Radojkovich, Larry Caine and Theresa Rogers
3rd – 3.5W, 30E, 50P – David Hope, Roger Potter and Bill Lowe
4th – 3W, 35E, 60P – Leon Wech, Baz McCrystal and Bevyn Darlington
5th – 3W, 27E, 63P – Chris Taylor, Murray and Dennis Hale
lucky dip – George Durbridge, Alan Donnelly and Ralph Cullen
lucky dip – George Jones, John Gledhill and Marie Cooper
lucky dip – Kevin Sturgeon, Keith Burman and David Lloydd