The last of the single entry tournaments for the 2023-24 summer season was held on 11 April in extremely windy and unpleasant conditions. Fourteen teams of triples braved the conditions for three games before it was decided to abandon the last game.

Results for the day were:

1st        Judi Farkash, Bill Lowe, Bruce Aley 3 wins 24 ends and 35 points

2nd       Alan Daniels, Gerd Hutcheson, Jane Mackay 2 ½ wins 20 ends 44 points

3rd        Tony Popplewell, Jim Price, Les Boulton 2 wins 21 ends 39 points

Lucky dip went to Colleen Rice, Flora Macdonald and Ralph Cullen.

Because one game was abandoned three other prizes were awarded for lucky skip, lucky two and lucky lead and these were claimed by Sheryl Wellington, Rosemary Nicol and Joy Finney.

Allan Langley/Kevin Cameron