The Women’s Championship Pairs for the Lloyd and Jones Cup, was played on the 17th and 18th of December. With only 5 teams entered it was played in a Round Robin.
The teams were:
Gaye Horne and Joy Watkinson
Sheryl Wellington and Theresa Rogers
Jan Gledhill and Rosemary Nicol
Julie and Muy Cchour
Gerd Hutcheson and Rachel Long
Even though the forecast was not very good, 2 rounds were completed on the Saturday.
Gaye and Joy were strong with 2 wins, although they had a close game against Sheryl and Theresa, 17-15, who, in the next round beat Gerd and Rachel, 20-8.
On the Sunday Gaye and Sheryl both won their first games, and, even though Sheryl won the next game against Jan and Rosemary, Gaye and Joy ended up with four wins, after beating Julie and Muy in the last game.
Congratulations to the winners:
Gaye Horne and Joy Watkinson
Runners up: Sheryl Wellington and Theresa Rogers.