You are currently viewing Saturday Haggle – 24th August 2019

Many thanks to Ian Hardy and Gayle Wilkinson for getting on the blower and building a field of 24 bowlers for the Saturday pm Haggle.  The carpet maintenance had been postponed and therefore the green was available for play.  It’s awesome that you took the time to make all the phone calls and assemble the field.  Much appreciated by everyone who spent the afternoon having fun on the green.

Congratulation to Steve McGregor and John McConnachie who managed 3 wins, 13 ends and 27 points to take out first place. (Steve moved from runner up last week to winner this week. A force to be reckoned with. You are bowling really well Steve.)

In second were Ian Hardy and Kevin Robertson with two and a half wins, 13 ends and 28 points.  Also with two and a half wins, 13 ends and 28 points were Alan Telford and Russell Parkinson, however they had four more points against and so were allocated third place.

This week we also acknowledge the forth place-getter, as Tony Trent is desperate to get his name in print.  He partnered with Alan Daniels and they managed 2 wins.  Guess they got their money back.  Well done guys.

Nice to see Bob Telford and Trish Hardy along.  Great to have you join us for the Saturday pm 2-4-2.  Also good to see John Lindsay, Brian Rogers, Helen Aley and Barry McCrystal along.  Hope you are regulars in the future. It’s a fun afternoon.