On Saturday 26 June the Saturday pm Haggle attracted a good field.  It was great to be able to run this event again as there has been some disruption with our Harcourt’s Community Carpet Green being required for Bowls North Harbour events.

There were 2 x four winners and 5 x two winners, however four prizes and so three of the two winners were unlucky.

Congratulations to Graham Ward and Jim Center who had 3 Wins, 16 Ends and 29 Points.

2nd – 3W, 14E, 27P – Michael Cairns-Cowan and Michael Thomas
3rd – 2W, 15E, 29P – Wayne Glogoski and Mary Harvey
4th – 2W, 12E, 19P – Jeanette Orgias and Roger Potter

hard luck two winners were
2W, 12E, 17P – Geoff Ladd and Margaret O’Carrol
2W, 11E, 29P – Peter Orgias and Ian McGovern
2W, 9E, 20P – Tony Popplewell and Rachel Long


The winter series of the pm Haggle has now had three rounds and the progress aggregate points for the grand end-of-series prizes are:

15 Jim Centre
15 Graham Ward
14 Geoff Ladd
14 Steve McGregor
14 Stuart Mckay
14 Russell Parkinson
13 Peter Orgias
12 Michael Thomas
11 Michael Cairns-Cowan
10 Muy Chhour
10 Rick George
10 Janette Orgias
9 Roger Potter
9 Brian Rogers
8 Bruce Aley
8 Marian McDonald
8 Marie Potter
6 Bill Lowe
6 Neville O’Connor
6 David Payne
5 Wayne Glogoski
5 Mary Harvey
5 Rachael Long
5 Ian McGovern
5 Pam O’Connor
5 Tony Popplewell
5 Colleen Rice
5 Leon Wech
4 Barry Butcher
4 Rick Dixon
4 Graeme McGregor
3 Norm Clarke
3 Ron Horne
3 Faye Kitchen
3 Rosemary Nicol
3 Neville O’Connor
3 Garth Partridge
3 Gayle Wilkinson
2 Helen Aley
1 Pat Clarke
1 Barry McCrystal
1 Glenda Rountree
1 Mick Taylor


Points are allocated for:
winners of the day 2 points
runners up of the day 1 point
2 points for a game win
1 point for a game draw
1 point for attending