You are currently viewing Saturday pm Haggle Results – 31st August 2019

The carpet green had been unavailable for a week or two and the pent up demand / withdrawal symptoms meant the field for the Saturday Haggle expanded to 32 players,  And what an afternoon it was!  A little breeze, sunny for most of the time and a changing temperature whenever the sun went behind a cloud.  But hey, that’s what happens at this time of year and tomorrow is the first day of spring.

There were 3 three winner teams, the best of which was the combination of John Gledhill and Muy Chhour who managed to win 14 ends and so topped the team of Mike Wilkinson and Jan Calcott who won 12 ends in their 3 wins.

Alan Telford and David Tripp were just the one end behind with 11 ends and came in third.  Forth place went to Neville O’Connor and Colleen Rice with 2 wins and 13 ends.

There are many unheralded volunteers in our club and today we thank Rex Redfern, Gayle Wilkinson and Ian Hardy for organising the event.  And as many members do not appreciate, Michael Jelly turned up for his daily practice on Friday to find the green unplayable as it was left covered in stones, rocks and debris.  Michael spent his practice time diligently sweeping the green and making it suitable for play.  Many thanks Michael.