I write on behalf of my family to sincerely thank the Club and its Members for the support we have received over the last month, since Judy passed away on May 3rd.

I thank the many club members who attended Judy’s Requiem Mass at St John’s church. Our family was overwhelmed by the numbers who were at the Church.

I big thank is due to Ric George. I rang Ric to check if the clubrooms would be available for the Reception. He confirmed it was, and said just leave it to him, and he would arrange what was required, which I greatly appreciated. I know that many members helped with the organising and running of the reception, and clean up afterwards, and I thank each one of you. I hesitate to mention names because I am not sure I actually know everyone who was involved. But please all accept this as my personal thank you.

I also thank those who have sent cards, flowers, messages, food and shared kind words with me. It has all been greatly appreciated.

Finally I thank the anonymous person who set the club flag at half-mast in memory of Judy’s passing. It certainly brought a tear to my eye when I drove passed and saw it.

It has been so heartening to me to know that I belong to a club that does care for its fellow members.

Thank You.

Kevin Cameron