Beating the odds and with a lot of crossed fingers play went ahead with 24 entries. Perfect, 8 teams, 3 bowls triples!
It was very windy at times but the sun was shining most of the time! Everyone was enjoying the afternoon, and the play with different people, and, when asked afterwards, happy to have no entry fee and no prize money!
Best on the day was David Lloydd who also was kind enough to open the bar, for those who wanted something stronger than coffee.
Next Club Day is on the 1st of June, but you’ve better be quick to get your name down, we already have 20 names there!
No prizes on the day, but aggregate points at the end of the season. The aggregate list will be up on the board. Oh, by the way, there might be some chocolate fish.
See you on 1st June!
Gerd and the team.