With the carpet green replacement having been recently completed it is important that it is maintained to the best of our ability. The club has recently purchased a commercial grade Karcher carpet sweeper which is to be used to remove debris such as leaves from the carpet.

We had a demonstration of the machine prior to purchase and the Tennis Club also have one which we tried out. It does the job well.

With the carpet to be used over winter and for Business House Bowls in summer, it is essential that we have a list of members who are prepared to assist in sweeping the carpet prior to use.

Hopefully, we will make some progress in having the trees pruned so it is not required so often.

It is not an onerous job and we are proposing to have a workshop to explain how the machine should be used.

Please assist with this important function. If we have enough volunteers then you may only have to do it once or twice a year.

Please let Stuart have your name jamieson_family@xtra.co.nz  if you are prepared to assist and he will advise the workshop time and prepare a roster.