You are currently viewing What A Great Turnout – Working Bee – Saturday 10 September 2022

On Saturday morning 10th September, we had a tremendous response from members, 30 in total, to the working bee. The surrounds and club rooms look terrific and, as we left at about 11-30am, the jumbo bin was filled to the top.

To the following members we say terrific job. Michael Thomas, Ralph Cullen, Phil Chisholm, Annie McGrath, John and Jan Gledhill, Tony Trent, Tony James, Peter Orgias, David Lloydd, Allan Langley, John Lindsay, George Durbridge, Graeme McGregor, Steve McGregor, Leon Wech, Kevin Cameron, Tony Popplewell,  George Jones, Bruce Aley, Barry McCrystal, Roger Potter, Geoff Ladd, Bruce McClintock, Margaret O’Carroll, Larry Cain, Colleen Rice, Alan Telford, Phyl Humphries, Brian Rogers.

Thank you for the morning tea, including food, which was a timely rest for weary bodies. Apologies in advance if any members present haven’t been mentioned.

Cheers Brian Rogers
acting green adviser.