The teams selected for the Winter Cup are listed below.

This competition is scheduled to play on –    

Day 1     Friday 6 July                              Day 4 Friday 27 July   
Day 2     Friday 13 July                            Day 5 Friday 3 August   
Day 3     Friday 20 July                           Day 6 Friday 10 August   

These dates will depend on weather and the number of entries received.

The draw and playing conditions will be forwarded to the skips when this is received from Bowls North Harbour but note that it is Bonus Fours and that means points will be counted after the first two players in each team have played their bowls in each end.  

Entry fees have been paid by the club and any prize money received by the teams will, therefore, go to the club.  

Blue team      
Skip – Jo Baxter                        
Trish O’Malley
Kathy Moreton                        
Margaret O’Carroll                        
Reserve – Colleen Rice (3 + 10 August subject to fitness)  

Blue team
       Skip – Geoff Ladd                               White team    Skip – Wayne Glogoski                        
Kevin Sturgeon                                                            Neil Buckner                        
Ron Horne                                                                   David Payne                        
Allan Langley                                                              Steve McGregor  

Green team   
Skip – Arthur Beale (for 6 & 13 July)                                    
    Leon Wech (from 20 July)                        
Stuart Jamieson                        
Kevin Cameron                        
Phil Chisholm  

Reserves –
Tony Trent (13, 20 & 27 July only)     
Arthur Beale (20 +27 July only)                                 
Keith Berman (not 3 August)                        
John MacConnachie     

For selectors:  Tony Popplewell (Convenor), Leon Wech, Colleen Rice