You are currently viewing Winter Haggle Results 19th May 2018

We had a slow start to the WInter Haggle as some people were unaware of the winter start of 12.30 instead of 1:00 pm.

This changed the games from 2/4/2 to triples. Then we had some showers.

However we still had 2 and a bit games and Tony, John and Louise had 2 and a half wins to win the day.

Our thanks to Tony Trent and Colleen Rice as they gave up their afternoon games when the draw was changed.

We welcomed two of our business house lady players who took the invite by Stuart to join in. Any other Wednesday night business players will be welcome to the winter Haggle which is planned to run every Saturday afternoon throughout the winter months.  Dress is mufti and the bowls, while still competitive, is relaxed and fun.

Regards Rex