It pays to have the courage of your convictions!!!  Despite a forecast  for Wednesday of rain and possible thunderstorms, John Valentine’s intrepid crew of volunteers turned up to help remove the top layer of  Knightsbridge green.

Starting early in the morning Hamish had sliced 12mm off the top off Knightsbridge green  and then a team of 20 volunteers scooped the pieces up and wheelbarrowed it up the ramp and deposited it on the grassed area between Knightsbridge & Harcourts Community green.

It was hard work and considering the average age of the workers would be well over 75 it was a tremendous effort. A task expected to take 2 days was completed by 3.30pm on day one. In all, over 20 cubic metres were shifted.

Lunch, organized by Gaye, Jane & Noelene was a welcome break before the first shift went home, no doubt to put their feet up for a well earned break while the second shift took over.

A huge thank you to John Valentine, the organizer who was there all day along with Leon & Phil. The club is very fortunate to have such dedicated and hard working members.

The Board & JV wish to express their thanks to Allan Langley, Brian Rogers, Colin Rogan, David LLoydd, George Durbridge, Gordon Jenkins, Graeme McGregor, Ian Coombe,  Jim Price, John Lindsay, John Smith, Ralph Cullen, Rick Dixon, Steve McGregor, Stuart MacKay, Tony James &  Tony Trent. It is heartening to know that we have such a great group willing to put in such an effort.

Thanks also to Brian Nolan who climbed on board a digger to reposition and compact all the material that was taken off the green.

Thank you also to Gaye Horne, Jane MacKay & Noelene for organizing morning tea & lunch with contributions from Colleen Rice, Linda Valentine, Priscilla Page, Sheryl Wellington, Jane James, Barry McCrystal, Larry Cain and Tony Popplewell.

Colleen was on hand  all day to ensure the workers kept themselves well hydrated  -and  not with alcohol!! although a beer was well received at the end of the day.

A fantastic effort by everyone involved. Well done & thank you.