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Hi fellow Club members.  Applications for positions on the Club Board close on Wednesday May 27.

Your Club Board consists of the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary plus 5 elected members.

Whilst it is likely that the majority of the existing Board members will reapply, I believe that we have only received 2 applications for Board positions as at date of writing.

In addition to Board positions, the Club needs the services of volunteers to fill the following very important Club positions:

Club Captains
Match Committees
Tournament Committees
Facilities hire co-ordinator

Whilst the majority of these positions are currently very efficiently covered by volunteers, we desperately need new volunteers to step up to learn and assist with these very important roles.  Many of our older members have performed these tasks for many years and it is up to the rest of us to ensure that they continue to belong to a strong well-functioning Club.

It has become a bit of a tradition at the Club for members to be reluctant to ‘put their hands up’ to take on these roles.  However when approached, we find many members willing to assist.  The issue is we don’t know that you are prepared to help unless you tell us.  The majority of these jobs don’t require significant time commitment and become quite fulfilling as you assist in the smooth functioning of your Club.

Please give some consideration as to what skills you can offer your Club and on a no obligation basis speak with one of the existing Board members. They can advise as to the level of commitment required for these positions.  If sufficient members offer their assistance then many of these tasks require minimal time commitment.


Stuart Jamieson
Chairman of the Board.

Nomination form Board Member 2020

Nomination form President&VicePresident 2020